Gianluca Luisi


Gianluca Luisi

Though he received his first piano lessons at the age of six, Gianluca Luisi does not belong to those pianists who were already out in the limelight since their early childhood. Gianluca was given time enough to refine his remarkable skills calmly which is reflected in his brilliant and warm but always unobtrusive playing. After gradually gaining a tremendous experience as a performer and a remarkable number of appearances in major concert halls, he finally made his debut at New York’s Carnegie Weill Recital Hall in 2007 in front of an enthralled audience and the New York Concert Reviews, who said: “Luisi’s piano playing was astonishing in presentation. He is a very strong and imaginative artist, an excellent pianist who deserves world recognition.”

Gianluca Luisi studied with Franco Scala at the Imola Piano Academy and with Aldo Ciccolini in Paris and in Naples. He was awarded several Gold and Silver Medals at various music competitions like the “Gioventù musicale d’Italia” where he was the only soloist chosen from the Jeunesse Musicales of Italy, the “Torneo Internazionale di Musica International Music Competition” in Rome, the “Caltanissetta Bellini International Piano Competition” in Sicily, the “Casella International Piano Competition” in Naples and the “J. S. Bach International Piano Competition” Saarbrücken/Würzburg, Germany.

So far Luisi performed in Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Switzerland, in the United Kingdom and the United States, Japan as well as in his native Italy in prestigious concert venues including the Vienna Musikverein, the Liederhalle in Stuttgart, the Auditorium di Milano, the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, the Teatro Bellini in Catania, the Purcell Room at Royal Albert Hall in London, the Carnegie Hall in New York, the Bauman Auditorium in Portland and the Nagoya, Chubu and Kasugay Concert Halls in Japan. Furthermore he has been on stage at renowned festivals such as the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, the Bachfest Leipzig, the European Music Festival Stuttgart, the Bach Festival in Köthen, the Bachtage Potsdam, the Saarland Music Festival and the Serate Musicali in Milan.

Gianluca Luisi has also teamed up with a number of conductors and orchestras; among them: Alun Francis, Enrico Belli, David Crescenzi, the German Chamber Orchestra Frankfurt (Deutsches Kammerorchester Frankfurt), the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra del San Carlo di Napoli, the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, the Orchestra Sinfonica Rossini di Pesaro and the Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana. Over and above his activities as a soloist he has established firm chamber music partnerships with violinist Marco Rogliano as well as with the Ensemble Concertant Frankfurt and the Chantily Quintet.

Gianluca Luisi has recorded for the Naxos, the MDG and the Centaur Records labels. Forthcoming recording projects will include both Piano Concerti by Frédéric Chopin in the version for piano and string quintet with the Ensemble Concertant Frankfurt for the MDG label, ‘Years of Pilgrimage’ by Franz Liszt for Centaur Records as well as a CD with violinist Marco Rogliano featuring the Sonatas of Austrian/German composer Ludwig Thuille on the occasion of his 150th birthday (coming in 2011 for Naxos).

Gianluca Luisi is particularly fond of playing the entire keyboard music by Johann Sebastian Bach. More recently he has done the entire cycle of the ‘Well Tempered Clavier’ in two nights from memory.

Recently in the Italian newsmagazine for Pianists “Suonare news”, the Great Pianist Aldo Ciccolini wrote: “Gianluca Luisi is one of the most interesting Italian pianist at moment”.

Gianluca Luisi is a Boesendorfer artist.


Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner Anniversary (2013-2014)

Wagner: Isolden’s Liebestod (dal Tristan und Isolde)
Verdi : Miserere (dal Trovatore)
Wagner: Tannhauser
Verdi: Rigoletto
(trascrizioni di F. Liszt).

Second part: to be defined.

Italian Programme

Gianluca Luisi: 150th anniversary of Italian Unity
Gianluca Luisi is fond to present an exclusive Italian programme. From a selection of talented artists “made in Italy”, an “Italian” performance to bring to the world the beauty and the emotions of this wonderful country.

1st part: Italian compositors

Muzio Clementi: Sonata op.40 n°1 in B minor
Molto Adagio e sostenuto
Allegro con fuoco e con espressione
Largo, mesto e patetico
Allegro-Tempo primo -Presto

Goffredo Petrassi: Partita (1926)

2nd part: Italy in music

Franz Liszt: 6 Études d’exécution transcendante d’après Paganini, based on Caprices of Niccolò Paganini

1. Tremolo
2. Arpeggio
3. La campanella
4. Vivace
5. La chasse
6. Thème et variations


Franz Liszt – Années de Pèlerinage:
written by Liszt during his trip in Italy, with the company of Vicomtesse D’Agoult.

Bach: Well Tempered Clavier
Gianluca Luisi: Well Tempered Clavier BachConcert performing the Complete Cycle of the Well Tempered Clavier: Book I and II.

GIANLUCA LUISI won, in March 2001, the 4th “J.S.Bach Piano International Competition” in Germany; the critic in the newspaper spoke about a new Bach interpreter: “He produces a music completely free…” (Saarbruecken Zeitung – 23rd March 2001).

Entirely by heart, he playes, in two concerts, the Complete Cycle of the Well Tempered Clavier of J.S.Bach.

Chopin Programme

Gianluca Luisi: Well Tempered Clavier Bach Piano recital

4 Scherzos
Nocturne op.27 n.2
Etude op.25 n.10
Polonaise op.53 Eroic
Impromptus n.1 3
Mazurkas op.50

Chamber recital

Piano concert Op.11 no.1 or Op.21 no.2
(in the original arrangements for string and piano written by Chopin)

Liszt Programme

Piano recital

Years of pilgrimage II year Italy:
Il Penseroso
Canzonetta del Salvator Rosa
Sonetto n.47 del Petrarca
Sonetto n.104 del Petrarca
Sonetto n.123 del Petrarca
Après une lecture du Dante
Rigoletto paraphrase
(to listen to Luisi’s performance in Mp3 click here)

Second piano recital

Soirées Italiennes
Grandes Etudes de Paganini (complete 6 etudes)
Impromptu brillant on the themes from Rossini and Spontini
Seven brilliant variations on Rossini’s theme

This programme is available from Naxos label as NAXOS catalogue 8.570984 in music  stores from October 2009 and, in future, in the collection “Liszt complete piano music”.

Gianluca Luisi and Quartet Gigli

Quartet Gigli: special programme for special concerts

The Quartet Gigli owes its name to the memory of the famous tenor Beniamino Gigli, of one the best Italian Tenors ever. The Quartet Gigli musicians come from the best international chamber music and orchestra formations: Marco Rogliano, Judith Hamza, Luca Sanzò and Sabine Krams.


Ludwig Thuille: Piano Sonata op. 30, Marco Rogliano (Violin) and Gianluca Luisi (Piano)
Claude Debussy: Sonata for Cello and Piano, Sabine Krams (Cello), Gianluca Luisi (Piano)
Ludwig Thuille: Piano quintet for string op. 20, Quartetto Gigli – string quartet

Gianluca Luisi and Marco Rogliano

Two great artist in concert: Marco Rogliano (violin) & Gianluca Luisi (piano)

Programme 1

Ludwig Thuille: Sonata op.1 in d minor for violin and Piano
F. Mendelssohn: Sonata F Major for violin and piano (for the bicentenary of Mendelssohn)
Martucci: Sonata op.22 for violin and Piano and/or Drei Stuecke op.67.

Programme 2

Paganini Abend:
Paganini/Schumann: Capriccio Es Moll n°23
Paganini/Schumann: Capriccio G Minor N° 6
Paganini/Schumann: Capriccio C minor N. 4
Marco Rogliano violin/ Gianluca Luisi, Piano Schumann: 6Concerts Etude nach Capricen von Paganini, op.10, N°1, N°3, N°5
Gianluca Luisi, piano

Second Part

F.Liszt: 6 Grande Etude from Paganini N°2 , N°3 La Campanella, N°4, N°5 (La caccia ) N°6 Thema and variation Gianluca Luisi, piano F.Liszt: Gran Duo Concertante R.-V.462 Marco Rogliano, violin/ Gianluca Luisi, piano

Gianluca Luisi and Ensemble Concertant Frankfurt

The Ensemble Frankfurt and Gianluca Luisi are glad to present a rare program for an unforgettable performance…

The Ensemble Concertant Frankfurt was established in 1987 by members of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra.
“Rare repertoire, superb performing artists, impeccable and very natural engineering, outstanding and informative notes…” (Classical Music Guide Forum, 2007)


George Onslow: the “French Beethoven”
Piano sestet (for string) op. 30 or Piano Quintet op. 79

F. Chopin: Piano concert op. 11 number 1 or op. 21 number 2
(in the arrangements for string and piano)


The critic in the newspaper spoke about a new Bach interprete:

“In a better world, Gianluca Luisi would be feted as the natural successor to Maurizio Pollini…”
(Lynn René Bayley, Fanfare Magazine)
“..He produces a music completely free, what else do you want?”
(Saarlandische Zeitung…)
“…Luisi’s piano playing was astonishing in presentation. He is a very and imaginative artist… an excellent pianist who deserves world recognition”.
(New York Concert Review, Carnegie Hall)
“…Brilliant Italian pianist at MCI inaugural concert; full of contrasting pianistic styles, lyrical and dramatic at the same time, this was an unforgettable performance”
(2001, The Sunday Times-Malta)
“…the young artist has not only outstanding technical abilities, but is also an extraordinary, excellent musician.”
(2004, Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung).
“…a perfect balance of virtuoso performance and deeply felt musicality”
(2005, Saarbruecken Zeitung)
“…an evening with a worldclass pianist”
(2005, Nordbayrischer Kurier-Bayreuth)
Recently in the Italian newsmagazine for Pianists “Suonare news”, the Great Pianist Aldo Ciccolini wrote: “Gianluca Luisi is one of the most interesting Italian pianist at moment”.

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